Jolly pets

More than 150 dogs have now tested our food: 92% were positive. And the 'picky' cats also go wild about our food, with an acceptance rate of 76%.
The owners of our jolly pets spontaneously gave the following feedback in our feedback sessions:

  • Extraordinary appetite
  • Stools halved, therefore very good absorption
  • Good impact on the energy level
  • Maintaining his ideal weight
  • Glossy coat
  • Finally food that makes my dog feel good
Ook getest op honden Meet "Lizzy" genietend van haar Jolipet puppy voeding. Smaakt duidelijk naar meer :-)
Ook getest op hondenIn ' Also tested on dogs ' the test team of Woef analysed our product throughly. Only products that pass the experiments get the Woef quality stamp of approval. Read the full test here.
Boxtrots puppies
"All our puppies find Jolipet great, highly recommended! They nicely eat everything and their poop is good. We Kennel of the Boxtrots Kennel (boxers) really think Jolipet is brilliant."

from Wuustwezel

"Our little Nelly makes it clear that the Jolipet hamburgers are absolutely delicious! This picture was taken 2 months ago and it was quite a challenge to have her wait to start eating until the photo was taken! As soon as the shot was taken and the candles were blown out, she tucked in the food in less than 3 seconds! Thank you very much Jolipet for this delicious and particularly healthy dog food."

S. I.
from Wuustwezel

"As promised, we tried Jolipet for the first time tonight. We admit, it was eaten in 30 seconds!"

N. I.
from Brugge
"My Jack Russell has a very sensitive skin. The slightest change in food causes an enormous rash. Recently, I have switched to Jolipet hypoallergenic food and for the last fortnight she has been very well, no more itching or scratching. Both my dog and I are very happy!"

E. C.
from Hoevenen
"Our Amor is fond of it ... I cannot put them in her feeder in time;-))"
A. G.
from Deinze
"Yazz likes it cold, delicious, even the rice."
C. C.
from Ghent
"Billy had lost quite some weight, from 25 to 19 kg, he refused to eat for several days, even weeks, and was actually practically dying. Since he was served Jolipet for the first time, he keeps on tucking in and is again completely healthy and in good shape."

from Waregem
"Our dog moves much more supple and his skin is all shining."
C. R.
from Antwerp
"Our dog is fond of it!"
J. V. from Bruge
"The food smells great."
C. V. from Antwerp
"Since we started using your food, our dog doesn't scratch itself anymore."
M. D.
from Antwerp
"The amount of excreta of our dog has been reduced to half."
A. O. from Kortrijk
"After a search of over one year we have finally found the diet that keeps stable our dog’s weight. Thank you!"

M. S.
from Antwerp
"My sick dog refused all dry food, but wolfs down the Jolipet food."
N. M.
from Antwerp
"As I am retired now, I give my dog Jolipet as I have to clean up considerably less excreta."
R. H.
from Loenhout
"Our dogs eats the food in no time."
M. R.
from France
"Jolipet burgers are like lollies to our dog."
A. v. K.
from Wuustwezel
I eat my Jolipet portion
in 30 seconds.