Our mission consists of developing, manufacturing and marketing fresh frozen diets for pets, and thus provide your beloved four-legged friends with the necessary nutrients for a happy and healthy life. Because your four-legged friend is our concern.

Core Values

To accomplish our mission, we believe fully in four core values

  • Based on science: Our diets are the result of an ongoing co-operation with academic researchers, which means our diets not only meet the most stringent requirements on composition in terms of nutrients, but also reflect the latest scientific findings on nutrition for pets.
  • High-quality ingredients: All the ingredients we use are of exceptional quality and do not contain offal or fruit or vegetable residues. We are convinced that only high-quality ingredients guarantee high digestibility and therefore high availability of the nutrients your pet needs to get a complete feed.
  • 100% natural / 100% transparency: Our ingredients come directly from nature and undergo virtually no processing, with the exception of the vegetables that are lightly cooked to promote the digestion. This makes our diet the most transparent food available on the market: you get what you see.
  • Food safety first: Thanks to our virtually vertical integration with our major meat suppliers we obtain all our proteins locally, directly from the source, so we can guarantee absolute respect of the cold source. In essence, we guarantee the same treatment of our meat as of meat for human consumption.
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