Jolipet is a freshfrozen, uberpremium natural food for dogs and cats. Our frozen food is the outcome of an intense collaboration with academic researchers, and has been elaborately tested, ensuring full compliance with international nutrional guidelines. The meat in our ingredients consists exclusively in muscle meat, heart and a little liver (for cats only). We use no other organs. As a result, digestibility is without compare (90-94%), which can instantly be noticed in the faeces.

With the fresh meat of Jolipet, you offer your companion animal a safe variation of BARF, avoiding carcasses, a cheap yet unsafe filler. Furthermore, our frozen food contains 0% wheat nor corn, and comes in handy 25gr patties. Obviously, our petfood contains no colorants, no preservatives, neither taste enhancers. The majority of our ingredients is sourced locally (mainly in Belgium and France) thereby ensuring utmost quality control and sustainability.

Whether you call it BARF, frozen meat or freshfrozen petfood, Jolipet offers a petfood that is uberpremium and really natural, fulfilling all the needs of your loved ones, in the most safest way.