Why freshfrozen

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Fresh frozen food, based on raw meat, fresh vegetables and fruit, is the natural diet for your pet.

Fresh frozen food undergoes hardly any processing, which means natural vitamins and other nutrients are preserved.

Except for vegetables, rice and potatoes, which are blanched for maximum digestibility.

Because of the absence of preservatives, added flavours and colorants fresh frozen food is the most transparent diet available: you get what you see.

High-quality fresh frozen food is 60% cheaper than premium wet food.

For a dog of 10 kg the cost of a daily portion of Cesar Beef or Hill's Delicious Beef is €4.3 to €5.3*. For a daily portion of Jolipet you pay €1.8 to €2.3. 
* Based on a price comparison by Aveve and Maxizoo in February 2013.

Independent tests have indicated that 92% of the dogs and 76% of the cats eat our natural food with taste.

Feedback: great appetite, less stools, good impact on energy levels, weight and skin.

Read more about the positive effects of high-quality food on your pet in our tab "why qualitative nutrition".

My owner only gives me Jolipet
and I love it.