Jolipet Chicken Adult dog food

Analytical Ingredients

g / 100g food
g / 100g
(543 kcal ME)
g / 100kcal ME
Moisture 71,9
Solid substances 28,1 100,0 18,4
Protein 9,1 32,3 5,9
Fat 9,0 32,1 5,9
Carbohydrates 8,1 28,7 5,3
Crude cellulose 0,7 2,6 0,5
Ash 1,2 4,4 0,8
Calcium 0,192 0,682 0,126
Phosphor 0,151 0,536 0,099
Linoleic acid 1,4 5,0 0,9
Alpha-Linolenic acid 0,2 0,6 0,1
kJ ME / 100 gr 638 2.271 418
kcal ME / 100 gr 153 543 100

Jolipet Diet with Chicken

Complete top-quality food for adult dogs, based on a unique source of protein formulated in conjunction with university researchers. High-quality ingredients promote maximum digestibility.


Jolipet Chicken Adult only contains ingredients suitable for human consumption and no offal or fruit and vegetable residues. Jolipet Chicken Adult contains: 

  • 56% chicken meat, obtained in the same way as chicken meat that is used for human consumption. No chicken carcasses are processed in our food, a common, cheap but unsafe source of protein and calcium.
  • Lightly blanched rice, carrot and spinach, for easy digestion.
  • Fresh frozen apple, source of natural vitamins.
  • Vegetable oils and fats provide the ideal omega-6/-3 ratio.
  • Purified minerals and vitamins, for maximum absorption in the digestive system, to provide an optimal calcium/phosphorus ratio, among other things.

Thanks to our ongoing co-operation with university researchers our recipes are based on the latest scientific research into pet nutrition.

Content Jolipet Chicken Adult dog food
1. Chicken
Real meat, 0% offal
2. Minerals
Purified for maximal digestion
3. Vegetable oils and fats
For optimal overall omega -6/ -3 ratio
4. Fresh fruits and vegetables
Source of nature vitamins
5. White rice
Gently heated for easy digestion

Additives per kg

Zinc-Zn/Zinc sulphate, monohydrate  24,5 mg, Iron-Fe/Ferrous sulphate, monohydrate 12,8 mg, Manganese-Mn/Manganese (II) sulphate, monohydrate  3 mg, Copper-Cu/Copper (II) sulphate, pentahydrate  2,1 mg, Calcium iodate , Anhydrous 0,5 mg, Selenium-Se/Sodium selenite 0,1 mg, Vitamin D3  213 IU

In addition, our recipes contain other vitamins and minerals, optimally meeting the needs of your pet.

Dietary Advice

Recommended daily amount, in grams per day (nuggets of 25 g per day), ideally to be divided in two to three servings)

Target weight1   Daily recommended serving
1 kg 60 g (2 nuggets)
2,5 kg 120 g (5 nuggets)
5 kg 200 g (8 nuggets)
10 kg 340 g (14 nuggets)
15 kg 470 g (19 nuggets)
20 kg 580 g (23 nuggets)
30 kg 780 g (31 nuggets)
50 kg 1.150 g (46 nuggets)

These recommended daily amounts are only a guideline, because the needs of dogs vary. Therefore, adjust the amount of food to maintain ideal body weight. Always provide fresh drinking water.

This guideline also assumes that your dog eats nothing else than this food. If your dog gets snacks or other food on a daily basis, you need to lower the recommended daily quantity.

1 The target weight of your dog is its ideal weight (score 4-5 in the body condition system), i.e. you can easily feel its ribs without feeling any fat, its waist is clearly visible behind the ribs in top-view, the abdominal belt is clearly visible in side-view.

Instructions for Use

Raw chicken can contain pathogenic germs. That's why we recommend to heat up Jolipet Chicken Adult, although we use chicken meat that can be found in human nutrition and even though dogs are largely immune to these germs. The reason is that people could still get infected with these germs through the faeces or saliva of the dog. It is not only the safety of your dog, but the well-being of yourself and your immediate environment that is involved. Our recommended option for the use of Jolipet Chicken Adult is:

  • Fry in a pan, as you would fry hamburgers.

Experienced fresh frozen users can also decide to give their dog the food completely raw. However, in this case we recommend to be careful when dealing with your dog’s excrement and to not to come into contact with the saliva of your dog, after meals. Two options:

  • Fully defrost in the refrigerator. Typically defrosting takes 12 hours. In other words: take out of the freezer in the morning and place in the refrigerator in the evening to serve in the evening; take out of the freezer in the evening and place in the refrigerator to serve the next morning. Never defrost at room temperature.
  • or
  • Fully defrost in the microwave. The length of time needed to defrost depends on the type of microwave oven and the quantity to be defrosted. Ideally, food is defrosted at low power (low wattage), as you would defrost meat. At 350 Watt it takes about 6 minutes to defrost 500 g.

Before use mix the food and allow to cool (if warmed up). Always provide fresh drinking water.

Never change food at once, but gradually increase the dose of the new food.

Directions for storage

Fresh frozen food has the advantage of preserving the freshness of the nutrients for a long time. We assume a maximum storage period of 18 months at-18 ° c, after the day of production. Please see the best before date on the package.

Thawed food has a 24-hour shelf life in the refrigerator. Never re-freeze defrosted food.

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I move much smoother and my coat is much glossier.