BARF but better

academic research frozen dog food Jolipet diets - no use offal high digestibility dogfood Jolipet appreciated by veterinaries

The Jolipet diets are the result of an ongoing co-operation with academic researchers and build on the latest scientific findings on nutrition for pets.

Our diets contain only ingredients of exceptional quality. We do not use offal(e.g. chicken carcasses, tripe) or cheap fillers (e.g. corn, wheat,...).

Our high quality ingredients provide higher palatability, which ensures that available nutrients are optimally absorbed. Academic digestive tests have shown a digestibility of 90-94%, whereby the stools are greatly reduced.

Digestion test on Hypoallergenic Adult and Jolipet Chicken Adult.

Our approach is appreciated by veterinarians, causing an increasing proportion of them recommend our diet.


I love to get my Jolipet food out of my Kong in the garden