Why freshfrozen

Jolipet's raw, freshfrozen food is probably the most healthy food for your dog or cat. Academic studies have shown that raw, freshlfrozen food:

  • stimulates the intestinal flora 1
  • gives your pet a more beautiful coat 2
  • allows them to have healthier teeth 3

At Jolipet, we use only human-grade ingredients and no waste, which you can see directly in your dog's reduced stool. See also Clinically tested

In addition, it is the most natural food: no heating of proteins, no preservatives, no flavours and no colourings.

Finally, freshfrozen food is exceptionally tasty, in a very natural way, and allows your dog or cat to enjoy it to the fullest.

Why don't you do the test yourself?

If you would like to know more about the positive effects of a quality diet on your pet, see our "why quality food" tab.


1 Sandri et al. (2017 ), 2 Hielm-Bjorkman et al. (2013), 3 Liesegang (2016)