About Freshfrozen for Pets

Freshfrozen for Pets

Since September 2013, Freshfrozen for Pets has been developing and producing freshfrozen food for pets. Freshfrozen for Pets does the latter under the brands Jolipet, Wolf's Menu and BARF BUFFET.

Freshfrozen for Pets has its own hypermodern production facility, which guarantees high quality production in accordance with the strictest food safety and quality standards. In March 2014, Freshfrozen for Pets received the FCA label from SGS, for the Feed Chain Alliance standard, a recognition for meeting these strict standards. In 2019, we received the Handmade in Belgium label for our quasi-artisanal way of working. Day after day, Freshfrozen for Pets does everything in its power to meet these standards, in order to produce in safe manner, uberquality food for pets.


Jolipet is one of the brands under which Freshfrozen for Pets offers complete, freshfrozen food for dogs and cats. Jolipet diets are the result of an ongoing collaboration with university researchers and are based on the latest scientific findings in food for pets. Jolipet diets contain only human consumption quality ingredients. We use no offal, no carcasses and no cheap fillers (e.g. corn, wheat). Our approach is appreciated by veterinarians who recommend our diets to patients.


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